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Brenda’s Story: “Are there options?”

Asking her physician three simple words allowed Brenda the time to explore non-invasive options for a serious illness.

I knew Brenda* for several years before she asked to have a session, although her husband had been coming on and off for about ten years. An active father of two boys he’d get a pain in his back or neck every now and then and he said massage and chiropractic just didn’t help the way energy medicine did. In addition, their younger son came on one occasion. A spinal tap when he was little had left him with constant pain radiating down both legs. When he began playing football in high school the problem became more serious, and I could tell that it worried Brenda. During our one session together he felt the pain, experienced as mild electrical shocks, leave his body. That was about eight years ago, and Brenda says the pain has never returned.

Brenda is warm, friendly and down to earth. She enjoys her work with special needs children, but three decades+ in the field, and modern life itself, took their toll on her stress level. So she began scheduling Reiki sessions with me from time to time. Reiki has been tested by the National Institutes of Health for stress management, and the results showed a significant reduction in anxiety.

At one session Brenda mentioned she had an appointment to see a specialist referred by her doctor. She pointed to a small bump under her eye and said it needed to be checked out. I began directing energy towards it. Almost immediately I saw a picture, in my mind’s eye, of small grains. They weren’t grains of wheat or sand or anything in particular, just small grains.

The next time we met she told me she’d been diagnosed with sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis forms granulomas, or microscopic clumps of inflammatory cells that group together and look like granules. This is some serious stuff. There were lesions in the lung, and the bump under her eye indicated a secondary site. Brenda took excellent care of her health so she hadn’t had personal experience with serious illness.

Luckily, she’d had a hunch there was something unusual going on, so prior to her appointment she’d called a friend, who had recovered from cancer, for advice. Her friend told her that if the doctor found something, it was perfectly OK to ask about options. This had not occurred to Brenda, so when she was told she’d need to go on steroids, she asked three simple words: “Are there options?”

...when she was told she’d need to go on steroids, she asked three simple words: “Are there options?

Surprisingly, the doctor said they could wait eight weeks to see how things went.

Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

Days later Brenda found herself in the knowledgeable and capable hands of an extraordinary woman named Mattie. She’s a former RN and long term healthcare administrator who has educated people for years about the benefits of raw foods and juicing. Overcoming her own health challenges through nutrition years earlier had made her a believer. Week after week Brenda and her husband hauled giant bags of organic produce to Mattie’s kitchen and made fresh juices which they vacuum packed to protect its health properties.

Brenda also asked me to teach her Reiki, and she began daily self-treatments with energy medicine.

Eight weeks later the time had come to revisit the MD. There was no sign of illness. The doctor told her to come again in eight weeks. Again, everything was clear. She continues to be checked at regular intervals and does her best with her juicing and Reiki regiments.

Brenda’s story is important because of what it teaches us about personal healthcare. Instead of blindly following a standard protocol, she partnered with her doctor and became responsible for her own healing. Her approach, which included Western medicine and complementary care, was the right combination for her to achieve favorable results. Brenda became an active participant in her own process and found there were several things she could do to stimulate her body’s natural healing ability.

If you have a serious illness, work with your healthcare providers to explore all the alternatives and choose what’s best for you.

*This story has been published with the client’s permission; however, for privacy purposes her name has been changed.




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