Ascension11 is a higher dimension software technology designed to facilitate deeper meditative states and raise one’s consciousness.  This unique technology is comprised of algorithmic coding, frequency-based music, and water-coded visuals to help awaken one’s soul connection to universal source, love, and infinite abundance.



Ancient mathematical formulas in the form of sacred geometry that encompass all of nature have been interwoven into the matrix of Trinfinity8. Research shows that the pure solfeggio sound tones in the Trinfinty8 have the capacity to assist regeneration and transformation, and activate DNA.


This unique technology allows for streams of coded data to be transmitted through a computer’s USB port. A digital translator device then sends information to the body via specially designed hand-held quartz crystal transmitter/receiver rods. These crystals have been carefully lab grown for clarity and perfection. Many users report feeling subtle energy effects during use such as hand tingling, skin hydration, warmth, and a deep meditative calm.

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Ascension11 Sessions

Ascension11 is a higher dimension software technology designed to facilitate deeper meditative states and raise consciousness.  This unique technology is comprised of algorithmic coding, frequency-based music, and water-coded visuals to help awaken one’s soul connection to universal source, love, and infinite abundance.  


This software delivers information to the individual through pure quartz crystal rods, which attach to a signal box connected to a computer. Due to its energetic nature the Ascension11 programs can be used in person or for distance sessions.

Ascension11 has eleven spiritually-based programs. Each of the Ascension11 programs is stand-alone and runs for 33 minutes. These multi-modal programs have been specifically designed as a deep meditative tool to help enhance your spiritual and evolutionary journey.

Please note that it is not required that you be experienced in meditation in order to use this program. Users who have difficulty meditating have reported that the Ascencion11 brings them to a place of deep relaxation and helps to facilitate a meditative experience. Those with established meditative practices have reported “going deeper” with this program, and  have even reported a deepening of their own regular practice when not using the program. Sessions are $20 and run for a half hour.   


The following list explains each program’s intention: 
I AM One with Divine Source – Awakens oneness with the God Source for Infinite Truth, Divine Light, and unlimited Wisdom and Knowledge. This program helps one to embrace their soul mission and destiny. It empowers a direct connection to Universal Mind and Consciousness. ‐ Music: The Divine Name I AM 
I AM Love – Awakens love and acceptance of self and others, as well as with all living things. It opens the galactic heart to the flow of Divine Love for forgiveness and universal healing. ‐ Music: 528Hz 
I AM Eternal Peace – Awakens harmony and serenity with self and all of life. Brings about transformation for peaceful solutions for all situations. ‐ Music: 285Hz 
I AM Infinite Abundance – Awakens and opens one to receiving universal abundance and joy within all of life. ‐ Music: 333Hz 
I AM Open to Change – Awakens a release from limited thinking, fear and doubt. Draws positive energy for personal transformation. Opens one to achieving their true destiny. ‐ Music: 417Hz 
I AM Healed – Awakens Divine Healing to bring about perfect health on all levels. Allows one to take greater control of mind and body for vitality and strength. ‐ Music: 432Hz 
I AM Illumination – Awakens a celestial communion with the Light of Infinite Intelligence and Divine Guidance. Opens a connection to one’s true life purpose. ‐ Music: 741Hz 
I AM Creative Mind – Awakens enhanced creative energies, new ideas, hidden talent, inspiration and imagination. Unlocks infinite potential. ‐ Music: 963Hz 
I AM Free to Be – Awakens confidence and freedom from fear, doubts and limitation. Helps to let go of blockages and create one’s life anew. ‐ Music: 396Hz 
I AM Universal Flow – Awakens the positive energies of the universe to flow through you, aligning one with the energy to revitalize mind, body and spirit. Helps one detach from the chaos of the external world. ‐ Music: 852Hz 
I AM Cleansed – Awakens the highest angelic protection on all levels personal and professional. Opens the auric field to incoming spiritual energy in the realm of the Divine. ‐ Music: 639Hz 



Trinfinity8 Sessions


Sessions are available in person and via distance, and are typically 30 to 60 minutes. It is recommended they be experienced  twice weekly for best results. Results vary, according to the individual’s circumstances and how often the technology is used. Pets may also benefit from this experience, and their sessions can be done at a distance. For Trinfinity8 group sessions, see the classes and events page here.

Getting Started With Trinfinity8: Start with an evaluation by your holistic health practitioner or energetic bodyworker. If you do not have one or if your practitioner is not familiar with this technology, contact me at 216.903.1572. If you’re near the office, plan to come in person for the first session. After that, you can continue to have in-person sessions or you may choose distant sessions. Distant sessions are equally effective. Custom sessions based on your particular needs run $70 per hour and $40 per half hour.


Trinfinity8 Special Package Deals - Standardized Protocols


These package deals are available for a limited time. Choose from any standardized protocol below, and call or text: 216.233.4421 or text 216.903.1572 to schedule your first session! You will receive ten sessions total. Regular price for half hour sessions is $40, but instead of paying $400 for these packages you will only pay $200 while the special offer is available. Sessions may be done in person or at a distance, but we recommend you come in for at least the first one if possible.


Emotional Release: Receive ten personal sessions over five weeks with a protocol that includes algorithms for releasing oppression and subconscious and emotional blocks, in addition to uplifting algorithms including divine alignment and feel good therapy. The emotional release portion of the session is gradually increased, according to client’s tolerance.  This is not meant to replace talk therapy or other type of emotional support, and works well with other methods.


Youthening: This protocol includes algorithms for decreasing wrinkles and lines, toning facial muscles, and eye lifting, in addition to stimulating collagen and elastin and reversing aging. 


Empaths & HSP's (Highly Sensitive People) Special: Keeping your energy body resonating at a high frequency lowers the affect others can have on it. Sessions include very high frequency algorithms such as divine alignment, heart resonance, and golden light to the pineal plus others to help you move frequencies of non-supportive emotional patterns. As you progress, the energetic emotional components of the sessions are increased. 


Weight Control Special: Healing tones used with this protocol are intended to work through the energy body to help regulate sugar. Sessions include  energetic algorithms to balance, rejuvenate, and tone as well as stimulate appetite suppression. Algorithms to help release energies associated with emotional blockage and feelings of oppression are also included. As you progress, the emotional components of the  sessions are increased. A study of T8 and weight loss was conducted by Dr. Norm Shealy.  If you’re interested in learning more about the weight loss special and seeing before and after photos of clients who have used the protocol, please text/call 216.903.1572.


Male Enhancement: The Trinfinity8 has a special frequencies that work with the energetic components of ED. In addition to algorithms for male health and hormone balance, algorithms are included for heart resonance and energetic emotional clearing

Trinfinity8 Private Group Sessions


If you would like a special one-time session or a series of group sessions for yourself and  your friends/relatives for other goals (examples: third eye expansion, vision board, deepening heart resonance), a special protocol can be written for you.  This is especially helpful during difficult emotional times, or when strengthening heart resonance or forgiveness is a priority. Pricing will depend on number of participants and the length of the session.