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Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks and Crystals

Take your energetic bodywork or massage practice to a new level or take the plunge into the healing career you've always wanted by learning a technique to help others make measurable steps towards improving their lives. 

What the class includes:

  • Training and experience in verbal and energetic chakra assessment 

  • Grounding your client

  • Deeper levels of understanding about how chakras interact with each other

  • Using chakra energy to promote energetic processing to help the client reduce or eliminate repetitive thought patterns and tendencies

  • Using your empathic gifts to assist, without "taking on" or being affected by low frequency emotions of others. This technique can also be integrated seamlessly into daily interactions with those you live or work with.

  • Using crystals and tuning forks in the detection, assessment and processing of misqualified energies

  • Class includes power point presentation, instruction, Q&A and practice sessions. Each student will have their own chakras assessed and balanced during the class. Over the course of the weekend, students will practice the techniques on three or four clients.

What Chakra Balancing can do:

  • Promote energetic coherence

  • Ground the body with earth energy

  • Promote the processing of low frequency energies to mitigate their influence on the client's life

  • Help to increase intuitiveness

  • Reduce stress

  • Provides a sort of energetic “reset”

  • Puts one in better touch with their own emotions and the emotions of others


Typically Reported Results: 

  • The client becomes more present in their daily life

  • The client is able to recognize the patterns they have been driven to repeat

  • The client is more in touch with higher frequency emotions such as joy, love, heart coherence, and gratitude

  • Client expresses more hope for the future

  • More energy is freed up for daily activities and life events


NEW!!! See before and after Bio-Well scans where this technique was used. CLICK HERE


If you try to sign up and the class is full, text me at 216.903.1572 to be on the waiting list in case someone finds out they can't come.

Student Testimonials

I really enjoyed this class! I thought there was a great mix of background instruction and hands-on work. Fran was really good at pointing out what we did well and giving us (very kind) suggestions for improvement. This was amazing! Overall a fantastic experience. Fran is a great teacher. 

I really appreciate being provided with visualization scripts and the power point summary from the lecture portion of class. This was very informative and watching and learning the techniques was great.

Comprehensive and orderly. Visuals were great. A great start to a rewarding technique.

I was very impressed and enjoyed it. Learned a great deal and hope there are future trainings and more to learn. 

The information received in training was detailed and allowed hands-on to work with the Chakra Balancing. I was able to compare the chakras with the emotions the client was going through or processing.

I learned a lot about chakras. I knew very little before. Feeling more of the problem areas gave me a better understanding. 

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