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Bio-Well Human Energy Field Scans


Bio-Well is an innovative lifestyle analysis tool which will help you look at your lifestyle through the prism of energy.

Bio-Well applies a weak and painless current at the fingertips for less than a millisecond. Using electro-photonic imaging (gas discharge visualization), Bio-Well shows how a person is processing energy through the body. This is depicted through charts and findings that reveal the measurement of the amount of energy (in joules) is being used in the meridians, chakras, organs and systems.  Because illness can begin at an energetic level, this information is invaluable for those concerned with wellness and disease prevention. 

To see what you'll get with this assessment, view a Bio-Well chart here.  


A trained facilitator will go over the results with you and you'll receive an electronic version of your scan.  

The Bio-Well is an important tool for those undergoing treatment for any illness. A series of scans (taken over time) can be compared to help a client determine if the course of treatment they are using is helping them to move towards improvement.  

Bio-Well analysis can also be taken before and after energy medicine sessions. Here are findings from this office: 

  • To see chakra scans before and after energetic bodywork click here

  • To see chakra scans before and after a Trinfinity8 session and meditation click here

To Book Your Bio-Well Session
To book a Bio-well scan,
click here. 
To book before and after scans with Trinfinity 8 and Chakra Balancing, click here.
To book before and after scans with Energetic Bodywork
(Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks and Crystals),
click here.

Interpretation of results is based on Acupuncture meridians, Ayurveda, major energy centers (chakras) and 20 years of scientific and clinical research. It is fast, visual, reliable and easy to use

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