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Products for Students and Clients: Amazon Affiliate Links

The Healing Room will earn a commission from products purchased through links, but you will not be charged over regular price

Required Items for Chakra Harmonics Class Students. You can order below or buy locally:
  • ONE set of tuning forks: any of the sets below or your own set of forks (in a series of 7-9 forks)
  • Tuning fork activator: either wearable (best) or disk-type (can be awkward). Mallet-style is not recommended.
  • One clear quartz tower: minimum 3 inches tall
  • Massage table or gravity chair: table is preferable, as gravity chair is difficult for some practitioners 
  • Optional: pillow, blankets, sheets. See other optional items below
Optional Items for Chakra Harmonics students: You may bring these or similar items, but they are not required
Recommendations for Fran's Clients
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