Reiki: Healing at the Core Level

Those who learn Reiki find they experience profound changes in consciousness.

Reiki has emerged as one of the best known modalities in the field of energy medicine, along with homeopathy and acupuncture.

People learn Reiki for a number of different reasons. It may surprise you to know that the majority of people who attend Reiki training have no intention of becoming practitioners in the strictest sense of the word. Some simply want to practice self-treatment. Some use it as an intro to the energetic healing arts. Some Western medicine practitioners see it as an initial step in transitioning from an allopathic into an integrative or holistic career. Others are interested in helping family and friends, or perhaps working as volunteers for the ill and those in transition who would benefit from end of life care.

No matter what the reason for learning the technique, those who learn Reiki often find they are changed at a core level.

No matter what the reason for learning the technique, those who learn Reiki often find they are changed at a core level.

If you haven’t taken a Reiki class you may not be aware of the depth of self-healing you’ll experience just from the attunement process. During the attunement, the teacher “passes on” the ability to practice Reiki to the student.

Reiki, like all energy medicine modalities, works with “subtle energy” targeting the body’s wireless anatomy, which in turn affects the emotional and physical bodies.

Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter from Pexels

The changes Reiki makes can be different for every new practitioner. You may begin to naturally set a higher bar for yourself. You will probably become even more spiritually inclined than you already are. Emotions can begin to balance as your perspective broadens. Relationships may change as you gain a deeper understanding of your core motivations. Intuition may develop or increase as sensitivity in many areas becomes hightened.

I have witnessed these shifts in my students numerous times. I’ve seen shy people come out of their shells, withdrawn students find their voices, and fearful students become aware and compassionate. It never fails to fascinate me when someone evolves into a better reflection of their true self, but it happens with every one of them.

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