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Daniella’s Story: Coming Into Her Own Power

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Energy Medicine helped Daniella realize her own power and understand how to use it.

Daniella* first came to see me about a year and a half ago. Her complaints were mainly physical- she had stomach aches and low energy, but she couldn’t seem to put into words exactly why she was there. She seemed troubled and dark.

In the initial assessment I noticed that her upper chakras were well developed, but the first three (root, sacral, solar plexus) were in need of support and her heart seemed guarded. I should note that it is quite typical for my clients to have more powerful upper chakras then lower chakras. For the most part they are spiritually and psychically secure- even advanced in many cases, but a number of them struggle with “earth stuff”. Daniella was no exception.

Photo by Arthur Brognoli

A young mother with a devoted husband, Daniella comes from a loving family with close ties. She has a very secure position in the creative field with a large company. In spite of a life full of positive aspects, I sensed profound unhappiness.

Daniella is very empathic, something she did not seem to be aware of when we first began working together. A combination of a generous spirit and an open heart had for years made her an easy target for troubled souls looking to dump “stuff”. As a result, her energy was becoming depleted and she had begun withdrawing into herself so she wouldn’t have to feel their pain. This probably worked for a while, but cutting herself off energetically from others put this loving woman into a distressful situation which she couldn’t quite identify.

A combination of a generous spirit and an open heart had for years made her an easy target for troubled souls looking to dump “stuff”.

Much of our inital work was spent getting the root chakra to pull more earth energy. This helped her feel calmer.

“I began to feel safe during our sessions and being vulnerable became OK. This was very different from a psychiatric approach, which felt heavy to me with all of the crying and hitting things. In contrast, the energy medicine sessions felt more powerful and it was a gentler way to heal.”

As her chakras came into better balance she began to lose a tendency towards negative thoughts- a change which she considers “a huge win”. She was able to drop the guarding around her heart chakra and became more easily loving, with less blocks to a natural feeling of love for others- even those she doesn’t know. Most notably, along with that she gained the sense of being loved. Unfortunately many, many people cannot feel the love given to them by others. Happily Daniella is no longer one of them.

As Daniella got more in touch with her energy system, she became curious about the techniques and took Reiki classes. The Reiki attunements helped bring her chakras to a higher vibration. She began self-treatments which she easily incorporated into her schedule by running energy on herself as she drifted off to sleep at night.

Life in a more balanced and better functioning energy body has been beneficial in many ways for Daniella. She rarely suffers from the stomachaches which had been affecting her. This once quiet and withdrawn soul has blossomed into an enlightened woman who enjoys deeper and more fulfilling relationships.

In her own words:

“This is not a cure-all to get rid of every problem. I still deal with life’s challenges but now I’m more grounded, stronger and self-assured overall. I’ve experienced an opening up — the world feels larger and full of more possibilities, I’m feeling a profoundness which I couldn’t connect with before. People have commented that I look different, brighter or more rested the day after a treatment. I think it’s just the feeling of being loving that it opens up.”

*Daniella is not her real name, but this was printed with her permission.



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