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Energetic Bodywork

  • The benefits of energy medicine are profound. Overall well-being, emotional relief, and the reduction or elimination of stress or pain have all been reported by my clients.

  • Energy medicine has been tested and found safe and effective. It is non-invasive and drug free making it ideal for those seeking natural methods or who need to avoid drugs.

  • Experiences are as varied as each person

Classes & Events

Upcoming Events and Classes:

  • Chakra Harmonics class is now open for booking! click here

  • Reiki Classes: First Degree through Master Level

  • Private healing events for you and friends at your home or in the Lakewood office. Sessions can be customized to your needs

  • Private Trinfinity8 group sessions to promote heart coherence 

Energetic Technology

Bio-Well is an innovative lifestyle analysis tool which will help you see your lifestyle through the prism of energy. With electro-photonic imaging, a personal analysis of the energy in one's chakras, meridians, body systems and more can be revealed.

Trinfinity8 and Ascension11 are consciousness expanding technologies and tools for positive personal change. They can help the user to increase awareness and attain a state of energetic balance while working to restore vitality. 

Fran Kerg, BCPP, RMT

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Intuitive Healer

I’ve always been sensitive, but extensive training in energy medicine has made me ultra sensitive to the human energy body.


The energy body carries instructions on how it will heal itself and is precise in the assistance it requires from a practitioner. This makes things easy, because  all the practitioner needs to do is follow these instructions.


Some people think I’m a really good healer, but in reality I’m just a very, very good listener.

Fran's Credentials and Training

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Energy Medicine Research

Call/Text: 216.903.1572



Feeling Lighter

I feel so much lighter, Fran is very comforting. I laughed, almost cried because she knew me w/o my words. I have a better understanding of myself. Thank u!

-Angie, Cleveland

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